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Purifier, Air

Purifier, Air

  • Model Number: XL
Living Air Classic utilizes a synergy of ion generation technology and controlled low-level ozone generation to effectively remove smoke and odors from indoor environments.
A very powerful and reliable air purifier, Living Air Classic quietly and efficiently works to remove smoke and odors day after day with a simplicity and ease of adjustment found on few appliances today.
Living Air Classic is designed and built with long-standing, proven technology for a reliable, easy-to-adjust solution to indoor smoke and odors. Whether it's smoke from cooking, tough to eliminate tobacco smoke, or just the odors they leave behind, Living Air Classic has the power to get the job done, leaving nothing but fresh-smelling, clear air where it's needed.
This machine is truly the original set-it-and-forget-it 'thunderstorm in a box', producing a clean, fresh scent 24/7 with only regular scheduled maintenance and minimal adjustment needed to maintain effe

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